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"unmute the Muted"

Our Movement

The Peaceful Soul Collection is embarking on the Unsilenced Movement.

Our goal is to stop sexual assault before it starts, and allow those who have been hurt, scarred, and wounded to speak and remove the emotional barriers that their trauma has caused.


We will give the muted a voice, and the tools necessary to gain understanding and allow them to heal while helping and preventing another child to be silenced.

How can you be apart of the movement?

Unsilenced ebook

The Peaceful Soul Collection is working on a project to help curve the sexual assault radar to minimize the number of affected people.


We are complying with an informational book to help navigate how sexual assault affects people and why they do or don't speak out.


We would like for you to participate by submitting a 500 - 1,000 word letter 

word letter responding to the following prompts.


1. I didn't tell because......

2. I forgive myself because......

3. I am silent because.......


If you are interested in participating please reach out to us at for more details.


Come be a part of a major movement that is about to shake the city down!

The name has been delicately chosen due to the nature of the cause of our walk. This walk is to help raise awareness to individuals who have fallen victim to the hands of sexual predators, and have been silenced out of fear or fear of judgment by their predator, or peers.


Let’s stop this together!!! According to statistics, (via victims of, 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys is a victim of child sexual abuse, and that children are most vulnerable to Child Sex Crimes between the ages of 7 and 13. 


A study conducted in 1986 found that 63% of women who had suffered sexual abuse by a family member also reported a rape or attempted rape after the age of 14. Recent studies in 2000, 2002, and 2005 have all concluded similar results. 


A child who is the victim of prolonged sexual abuse usually develops low self-esteem, a feeling of worthlessness, and an abnormal or distorted view of sex. The child may become withdrawn and mistrustful of adults and can become suicidal.


With this walk, I want to help raise awareness and advocate for those that are still silenced and want to be heard but are afraid. I want us to collaborate as a whole and stand together in unity in the fight against sexual crimes!!


If you would like to participate in the fight to Unsilence the Muted- please contact us at @301-691-4742.


If you would like to sign up as a sponsor, please email on ways your sponsorship can help this walk be successfully executed!

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